The story of Roasti began in 2008 when Gerry Hayes made his first trip to Brazil for work as an Engineer. While travelling on a flight within Brazil, Gerry had a chance meeting with Henrique Dias Cambraia, a speciality coffee producer from Minas Gerais. After bonding over the love of coffee, the idea of bringing beautiful, specialty coffee to Edmonton, Canada was born. 

Roasti Coffee Co. was established Christmas 2016 by father and son, Gerry and Andrew Hayes.

Andrew Hayes, Owner and Roaster began roasting coffee after finishing a career in Professional and University Hockey. A disciplined athlete all of his life, Andrew channeled his passion for sports into a passion for coffee.

As well as Brazilian coffees, Roasti imports Costa Rican, Indonesian, Colombian, and African beans. All beans are roasted in small batches weekly to produce the freshest, highest quality coffees.

In October 2018, Roasti opened it's first Coffee Bar and in house Roastery in Sherwood Park, AB Canada. The shop has quickly become known for it's exquisite pour-overs, open-concept roastery, exceptional service and fresh and pure coffees.
Andrew Hayes
Owner and Roaster
Roasti Coffee Company