Herbologie/Roasti Coffee Bundle-

Herbologie/Roasti Coffee Bundle

We have joined forces with the amazing Edmonton botanical crew Herbologie, to put together our coffee bundle package. Included in the bundle is a bag of our Brazilian Yellow Bourbon and a jar of Herbologies Coffee Botanical Blend. 

We Recommend to use a quarter or half a teaspoon of the botanical blend per brew. You can either add it straight into your cup and stir, or mix with your grounds for an even extraction. 

Ingredients- Chaga-Maca-Carob-

Chaga-A powerful antioxidant and dense course of pantothenic acid. This Mushroom is suggested to support adrenal glands, digestive organs and block against oxidation from free radicals, preventing tissue damage.

Maca- Acting as a natural antioxidant while boosting levels of glutathione. Maca is the perfect supporting herb to this blend. Naturally known to be high in vitamins and minerals, with an inherent sugar free sweetness, this botanical provides a gentle flavour profile to your coffee.

Carob- the last piece to the blend is known for its antioxidant profile and digestive aid. It naturally has a great earthy flavour and will blend seamlessly with your morning cup.


Along with our coffee these botanicals are organic and ethically sourced! This blend is a sure fire way to enhance your morning brew and help you enjoy the grind.