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Sonia Bolaños Pink Bourbon

Notes: Tangerine, Lemon, PomegranateOrigin: Sevilla, San Agustin, HuilaProducer: Sonia BolañosFar...

Notes: Tangerine, Lemon, Pomegranate
Origin: Sevilla, San Agustin, Huila
Producer: Sonia Bolaños
Farm: La Esperanza
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1780masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon

Cherries are collected every two weeks, and are left to ferment for 12 hours in bags. The cherries are then de-pulped and left to dry ferment for another 36 hours. The coffee is washed four times, and then left to drain for 24 hours before being moved into a solar dryer for 15 days.

A note from the importer Semilla:

Sonia Bolaños is yet another young grower that we’re thrilled to see be able to gain recognition for their lifetime of hard work, thanks largely to the work of our team on the ground in Colombia, Esnaider Ortega-Gomez and Didier Ortega. 

Sonia entered in the world of coffee production at the young age of 14, when she would finish her school day and head to neighbouring farms to work as a picker as her family’s financial situation required that she lend her efforts to the household income. Over the course of the years, as she finished with school and began to be more available for work she began to seek out farms further away from her. Eventually, she found herself working on the family farm of Deimar Muñoz and over time, they developed a fondness for one another that would grow into a marriage that has brought them three children and a young grandson.

Now 36 years old, Sonia manages 3 hectares of the family farm, La Esperanza, which in total accounts for 5.5 hectares. Slowly but surely, together they’ve worked to grow Deimar’s initial inheritance of 2.5 hectares into a plot that now boasts Caturra, Pink Bourbon, and Castillo, the Pink Bourbon and Castillo being the most recently planted as sadly, Caturra in San Agustin is becoming more and more scarce due to the increasing presence of roya, even at altitudes above 1800masl.

About Monkaaba:

Monkaaba is a smallholder coffee grower empowerment initiative based in San Agustin and led by Esnaider Ortega Gomez and select other growers who have worked for many years to sell their coffee as specialty. Many of them are associated loosely or directly with the Los Naranjos group and have in recent years begun to feel that they would like to develop more autonomy over the coffee production as well as involvement in its marketing and sale. Monkaaba’s goal then is to assist other growers in the area to not only find a better market for their coffee, one that pays a solid price, but also to invest in the knowledge and skill of producers in a way that ensures their future success.

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